“How to Preach Real, Relevant, Relational and Revolutionary Sermons”

[Editor’s Note: The following series of entries are chapters from a short book on preaching that was part of the original manuscript of Post-Rapture Radio. It was apparently cobbled together by Russell Rathbun from Lamblove’s writings, but left out due to controversies that I can not go into. Once you get past all the artifice and the somewhat affected style, there are some interesting Ideas about preaching and reading the Bible.]

How to Preach Real, Relevant, Relational and Revolutionary Sermons

Second Introduction

One more thing dear reader, the task of presenting Lamblove’s various journal entry rants and cereal box notes together with his sermons has not been an easy task. I have tried to assemble them chronologically, but there are no dates on any thing, the notes, the sermons, and not even the journal entries. After weeks of guessing and trying to find some through line or ideological development I gave up. I then tried to arrange the mess by subject mater, relating sermon content to similar subjects in the journal and the notes, but was still left unsatisfied. What I had was an order of sermons and journal entries that vaguely suggests chronology and sometimes touched a thematic arrangement but failed to highlight his many missive on the actual craft of preaching.
So many of the notes and parts of his journal are strait forward instruction on how to preach. I have know idea who he thought he was giving these instructions to and further I would not say that I endorse many of them. They are however interesting and could lead to some actual sound thinking about preaching. They do give some insight into the sermons them selves. To leave them out felt like leaving out an essential part of how the Reverend Richard Lamblove saw himself.
Partly as a way of getting back at the Reverend for taking over my life and as a way of solving my problem of structuring this unwieldy collection I concluded what Lamblove really wanted to do on some level was to write a “how to” book about preaching.
Of course he would claim that this is the last thing he would ever do (this will be come clear in the first chapter) but I’m sorry Dick, I went through your big crazy box over and over again and there is a “how to” book in there.
Since he is not around to cull these instructional nuggets from the pile, I have done it for him. Think of it as a bonus. Two books in one. The title presented its self to me and it seemed perfect in its potential to infuriate my crazy unknown revolutionary preacher friend. I hope you will enjoy, but not take too seriously, “How to Preach Real, Relevant, Relational and Revolutionary Sermons”
One last thing. In each chapter of “How to Preach Real, Relevant, Relational and Revolutionary Sermons” I have noted where the information came from, whether note or journal entry and included cross-references to the sermons the chapters technique or device seems to relate to.

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