Left Turns

How to Preach Real, Relevant, Relational and Revolutionary Sermons

Left Turns

“You can not get there by going straight. You have to make left turns. If you keep driving straight people get bored, they stop looking out the window, stop wandering where you taking them. They know, they have been there so many times. They stop looking out the window and fall asleep. Left turns. If you start down a familiar street and then suddenly (or subtly) take a left turn, or better, take a left turn out of the driveway, then people look around, press there face against the window and mutter from the backseat, “Hey, where is he taking us? Why is he turning here?”

From a note written on what appears to be part of a tee shirt. Did he wear this? Or finding nothing to write on takes it off and get to work, shirtless and frenzied? Excerpts from the note titled “Left Turns”

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One Response to Left Turns

  1. gavin says:

    “look kids, big ben parliament.”

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