This is Perception Theory

This is Perception Theory

Perception theory says, that when a thing (person, work of art, theory, idea, belief, band, flower) is put into the service of an ideology and that ideology has sufficient power to energize (promulgate, distribute, sell) said thing is no longer accessible.


When something that is cool becomes wildly popular (which means there must be an energizing agent) it is no longer about what it was about. It is about the energizing agent.


Thing + EA = Whoo Hoo!$!$! is < Thing

I know many of you are conversant with the basic formula of perception theory, but I just want to put it down here in preparation for my up coming post, “Why Evangelicals Can’t Make Art.” and “Why it is No Longer Possible to Hear U2, No Matter How Much One Listens.”

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2 Responses to This is Perception Theory

  1. pat says:

    does this mean romantica should not, in fact, have gone to south by southwest? and also, could mr. russell lovelamb comment more on the music industry. if a song is played on the radio, is it ruined? for a musician, what is success?

  2. revlamblove says:

    While the simple equation of Perception Theory (Thing + EA = Whoo Hoo!$!$! is < Thing) holds true with out exception, it applies as a continuum. At one end you have the presence of pure Thing and the absence of any Energizing Agent. At the other end, the complete presence of the EA and the complete absence of Thing. Of course there is a supposition the neither extreme is tenable–there is no possibility of Thing without some small presence of an EA–I will not explore that further for now, although much could be said. All of which brings me to the question: Should Romantica Go to SXSW. I have to say in the interest of Romantica and my affection for them, and their families–Yes! Yes, they should and they should get signed to a bigger label and more people should hear them.—But the more money, buzz, hipster adulation (all powerful Energizing Agents) that get involved the less Thing is present. So, to the second question: What is Success. Perception Theory originates in Aesthetics, it seeks to understand how art and culture/religion/capitol interact, so the success is hard to determine. Making something beautiful and true and alive, some thing that hurts and longs and breathes is success. But you know, there is a continuum of success as well.

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