Dog In A Raincoat and Destabilization Part II

Dog In A Raincoat

Why so stingy with the challenging, confronting and requiring some period of self-reflection?  Isn’t this what should go on every week?  How can anyone preach a sermon based on the Bible that is not challenging and confronting and requiring self-reflection?  If ones beliefs are re-enforced I don’t think the preacher could be reading the Bible very carefully.  That kind of Pastoral sermon can only come from running ones eyes over the selected text while inserting some vacuous long held interpretation first encountered in Sunday School (which by the way no one should have pleasant memories of—it should be a scary and exciting, amazingly alive and developmentally inappropriate—but not pleasant).

I sermon should always contain in it elements of destabilization.  Any truth claim made should contain the seeds of that which will deconstruct its self.  After all this is God we are talking about—any understanding we may come to will eventually be undone.

I do not think I am alone in wanting to be destabilized, undone and overturned by the One who comes, who loves and with the assurance that I am liked by that One even as I am fully known.

Why would someone want to have his or her beliefs reinforced?  That is only pretending to want to know God.  It ceases to be anything like God that one continues to preach about or believe in.

Why does a dog need a raincoat?  A dog has this amazing fur that has adapted over eons that actually protect it and keeps it just fine in the rain.  Someone who puts a rain coat on a dog obviously invests a lot emotionally in that dog, but doesn’t seem to know that much about dogs—our understanding of God must be destabilized by the text, by the sermon or else we are just leading god around by a leash looking silly with an outfit that matches ours.  Maybe it is best for that dog to bite the fool.

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5 Responses to Dog In A Raincoat and Destabilization Part II

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  2. Kjell says:

    A dog is, of course, associated with fur. Man, when healthy, is an expression of virile flesh. As pedantic as it sounds, this is an unrecognized and nuanced theological distinction. As I dance around hollering, perhaps the lyrics of Crass or even something as unsophisticated as the Shirkers, I am typically naked, unashamed and oblivious to the secular world. Popular culture withers away, something resembling Jesus crawls to the fore, a man without fur, with a forgiving smirk, maybe an iPod in hand. My thoughts are immaterial. Hegelians stand on their heads, Lukacs drops his handgun, Rocco Siffredi becomes flaccid. I, too, am humbled. I become destabilized not by the DTs but by the dog, its fur deflecting the rain, it’s jaws snapping viciously. The uncircumsized One; uncircumsized no more.

  3. charlie says:

    JESUS sopposedly ignored the canaanite woman whose daughter was demon-possessed ( matthew 15 ). he left her to the 12 chosen who complained, ” she’s bugging us, take care of her please ( put a muzzle on her ).” HE responds to her insistence by explaining how wrong it is to starve the children by feeding the dog. she says ” i know LORD, but even dogs get scraps from the masters table.” “right on “says JESUS ” your faith is amazing, what is your wish. the dog woman says free my daughter.
    if it was raining and the 12 offered a raincoat to the dog woman, i don’t think she would have taken it. she would refuse the umbrella also. JESUS did not offer her shelter, instead HE offered the dog woman an opportunity to publicly confront the culturally accepted methods of rain deflection by allowing the dog woman to get everyone wet with the truth – a dog must chew up and spit out the rain gear and a dog must question ( growling when required ) whomever tries to overemphasize the unimportant while neglecting the truth.
    as an advocate of non-violence, i humbly request – no biting.

  4. E & J says:

    Spotted in this month’s fine issue of SkyMall magazine on a flight from MSP to JFK… a special dog coat for cooling one’s dog when the dog, apparently, might get hot. Finally! I think panting dogs with their tongues hanging out are so 2007.

  5. Phil says:

    REV LAMBLOVE HAS A BLOG! How did I not know this?!

    I still have dreams of suddenly discovering that my living in South Carolina is just some sort of technicality that doesn’t prevent me from going to House of Mercy every week.


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