Irrigating the Desert or The Great Wall of China and the Salton Sea or Searching for Ourselves from Outer Space


Salton Sea Beach

This book is an investigation. A search. It is born out of a couple of sentences that have been bouncing around in my head for more than twenty years and an unsettled feeling about who I really am and what my place is in relationship to God, other people, history and the created world, which has nibbled around my consciousness since adolescence.   There are only two man made objects you can see from outer space. One is the Great Wall of China. The other is the Salton Sea. One is the result of the work of hundreds of thousands of laborers over two thousand years, and the other is the result of a gigantic mistake. It is a statement and a poem and a koan. It is the beginning of a story. I will tell the story of these monumental creations as a way into the story of the search for ourselves.

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