Ask Questions You Don’t Already Know the Answers To

How to Preach Real, Relevant, Relational and Revolutionary Sermons

Ask Questions You Don’t Already Know the Answers To

Preaching begins with reading and asking questions.  Asking real questions.  Question you don’ already know the answers to.  If you already know the answers they are not real questions.  If you bring these fake questions into your sermon you are just preaching the absorbed reading of the text.  The congregation already knows the answers too.  This then is not a sermon it is an agreement.  At best a patting each other on the back.  At worse it is very boring.  A real question is not an agreement it is an invitation.  It is engaging.  The people maybe confused but they will not be bored.
Some verses seem to make no sense or they seem to contain no hint of the Good News.  If you find the right questions you will find the Good News.  If it scares you or bugs you or dumbfounds you—that is a real question.  If you have to think about it for more than twenty minutes—that is a real question.  If it makes you fall in love, believe in God, feel giddy—that is a real question.
If you could answer all the questions raised in the Holy Scriptures about the one true God of mercy who redeemed the world by allowing his creation to kill him and then made that very murder the means for the salvation of the world, by time you are say twenty years old, or thirty or fifty or a hundred—then you have the wrong god.
Or the wrong questions.


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